Private Banking
Graduate with a student loan
Transaction Acount

We offer specialized transactional accounts designed for your lifestyle.

  • E Plan - simple basic day-to-day banking account with a savings pocket
  • Sum1 - exciting transaction account offered to under 16s
  • Student Achiever account - a convenient and affordable transaction account offered to scholars, part-time and full-time students between 16-26 years of age.
  • Classic current account - the simple current account
  • Achiever Go - for customers with a young mindset that are electronic savvy and prefer electronic banking channels.
  • Achiever current account - packaged products and services for the achiever lifestyle
  • Elite current account - for individuals earning over USD8 000 a month, or have a three year degree/diploma and earn a minimum monthly income of R5000.
  • Prestige current account - for individuals earning over USD25, 000 a month and professionals with a degree earning USD5 000 a month
  • Consolidator current account - for the over 60's














Best investment bank in the world


Imperial Credit Bank has won EMEA Finance awards as the Best Investment Bank in United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, as well in eight African countries.