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Savings and investment accounts

Our range of savings and investment accounts can help you reach financial well-being, whether

  • you are just getting into the habit of saving,
  • you want to build a “rainy day” fund for those unforeseen emergencies,
  • you have a lump sum which you want to put away, 
  • you want to save as a group that shares a common interest or objective.

Our savings and investment accounts:

  • PureSave - a simple way to earn interest on any saved amount
  • ContractSave - an easy structured plan to reach your savings goals
  • PlusPlan - the convenient savings and transacting combination
  • Society Scheme - for groups who share a common savings objective
  • Notice deposits - an account to help you resist dipping in to your savings
  • MarketLink - an investment account that offers you good interest rates and the flexibility of a transaction account
  • Call deposits - an investment account that earns you interest and your money is available on demand.
  • MoneyMarket Call account - an investment account that provides you with the opportunity to earn interest normally only available to larger investors.
  • Fixed deposits - an investment account where an amount of money is fixed for a specific period at a fixed rate of interest.





Best investment bank in the world


Imperial Credit Bank has won EMEA Finance awards as the Best Investment Bank in United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, as well in eight African countries.