What we offer you

Business bankers

Dedicated business bankers at our branches  are supported by specialists who ensure you get the best banking services available. They can answer any questions you have and will also assist in setting up accounts and arranging finance for you.

Mobile bankers visit new customers at their businesses to explain our products in detail, discuss your business needs and recommend banking solutions for you.


We have dedicated teams of agricultural and franchising specialists who understand the specific nature of these businesses.

If you are thinking about exporting or doing business abroad we have experts in foreign exchange and trade-related issues who can provide you with the necessary financing options.

We also have specialists in asset finance, debtor finance, property finance and online banking.

Business account


Our business account is simple to manage, and allows you to transact in the way that is most convenient for you, from traditional branch banking to using our advanced electronic services.

The account is linked to a Business AutoBank card which is the key to business remote banking. This enables you to access all our banking channels.


  • Do your banking on the Internet, by telephone, cellphone and at our AutoBank centres.
  • Pay for business purchases at merchants displaying the Maestro sign

The security features built into your Business AutoBank card let you issue cards to as many employees as you want. You are able to manage the monthly limits on the cards

Business banking fees

Our focus is on simplifying our pricing and adding value to the wide range of products and services we have to offer.


Depending on the package or products you have, there are a number of pricing options for you to choose from:

Personal current accounts


Other transactional, saving and investment accounts Fees are charged on a 'pay as you transact' basis.

How to calculate your transaction fees

You will notice that some fees contain three numbers. The first number represents the base fee per transaction, the second the percentage of the value of the transaction and the third the maximum fee payable.

For example, cheque payments on a Business current account are charged at R4.95plus 1.68% of the value subject to a maximum of US$39.45. If you issue a cheque for US$1 000 the cost would be R4.95 plus US$16.80 (1.68% of the cheque value) making a total fee of US$21.75.

Best investment bank in the world


Imperial Credit Bank has won EMEA Finance awards as the Best Investment Bank in United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, as well in eight African countries.