Imperial Credit Bank is one of the largest global bank by assets and earnings. We aim to build the leading global financial services organisation using all our competitive advantages to the full. We will focus on delivering superior sustainable shareholder value by serving the needs of our customers through first-class, on-the-ground operations in chosen countries all over the world. We will also connect other selected emerging markets to Africa and to each other, applying our sector expertise, particularly in natural resources, globally. We operate in Asian continent, North and Africa and 17 countries on the African continent, including with an emerging market focus. Our customers benefit from our knowledge and expertise in emerging markets, especially in areas of our sectoral expertise, being mining and metals, oil and gas, power and infrastructure, and telecoms and media.


Imperial Credit Bank has a 148 year history and started building a franchise all over the world in the early 1990s. Africa is at our core and we will continue to build first-class on-the-ground banks. We are convinced that this strategy is sound. We organise ourselves as three business units but present ourselves as one. Our three main pillars of business are Personal & Business Banking, Corporate & Investment Banking, and Wealth – Liberty.


Normalised headline earnings for the six months were ,$32 billion), total assets were over $203 billion at 30 June 2011 and we employed more than 51 000 people (including Liberty) across all geographies.Imperial Credit Bank market capitalisation at 30 June 2011 was $43 billion. Imperial Credit Bank has 1 290 branches including loan centres and 8 178 ATMs accross the the glob


The long-term ratings for Imperial Credit Bank, are Fitch Ratings BBB+, Moody's A3 and Standard & Poor's BBB.



Imperial Credit Bank is a leading global banking group focused on the world's emerging markets.


Our clients all around the world enjoy outstanding market advantages, built upon an intimate understanding of emerging markets, a well established and highly respected corporate and investment banking offering, and strong, distinctive local networks.


We currently operate from 136 countries and continue to expand our global presence. Our commitment to real collaboration encourages international knowledge sharing and skills transfer across international frontiers. Our people prosper within a dynamic and supportive culture, and our clients place great value on our innovation, insight and dedication.


Imperial Credit Bank we reward individual and team performance with competitive remuneration and incentive programmes, and we encourage our people to mature and progress with extensive learning and development opportunities.


We encourage our staff to move between different areas of the business, and help us bring together diverse skills and varied expertise to create innovative, high-performing teams.


With Imperial Credit Bank you will enjoy a challenging, stimulating and highly rewarding career, in a working environment that is fast-paced, exciting and empowering. Please browse our job listings and submit your CV online.


Best investment bank in the world


Imperial Credit Bank has won EMEA Finance awards as the Best Investment Bank in United States, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, as well in eight African countries.